Nancy, France, September 11, 2017- CardioRenal and WeHealth by Servier announce they have signed a licensing and co-development agreement regarding CardioRenal’s telemedicine device. The CardioRenal device monitors heart failure patients at home more effectively, allowing for a more personalized treatment.

Close to 26 million people worldwide and 12 million people in Europe suffer from heart failure. It accounts for 1-3% of all US and European hospital admissions (source: European Society of Cardiology).

The re-hospitalization rate for some of these patients is especially high. This is one of the heaviest burdens for healthcare budgets.

This prompted CardioRenal to develop a unique telemedicine device that measures three biomarkers (hemoglobin, potassium and creatinine). The readings are taken via a minilab developed by CardioRenal and installed in the patient’s home. The data is sent and stored in a secured health data center where they are analyzed by expert system software. The software then makes recommendations to the treating physician who can optimize the treatment accordingly.

This new telemedicine medical device will allow frequent therapy adjustment and foster personalized medicine. The objective is to reduce re-hospitalizations that are distressing for the patient and costly for healthcare systems.

According to the agreement, WeHealth will co-finance CardioRenal’s R&D developments until the CE mark is granted as well as an efficacy clinical trial – which is planned to start mid 2018 (650 patients). Servier will get exclusive distribution rights for the CardioRenal device in Europe, Russia and South America. Distribution in the rest of the world will be negotiated later, based on reaching certain milestones. Financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

“We are very pleased to have entered into this partnership with WeHealth by Servier. The synergies that have emerged will allow us to soon offer our telemedicine and personalized medicine solution to the many heart failure patients who currently do not benefit from a treatment sufficiently adapted to their condition,” said Maurice Berenger, CEO of CardioRenal.

“Our long-term ambitions with such a tool are to reduce the hospitalization rate by 40%. This represents on average a €6,000 ($7,170) saving per patient, per year; reducing patient mortality while improving their quality of life,” said Dr David Guez, director of WeHealth by Servier.


About CardioRenal

CardioRenal is a company dedicated to improving the quality of treatment for heart failure patients through the use of state-of-the art technology (expert systems, real-time diagnosis, microfluidics, etc.) combined with top medical expertise. Since its foundation, CardioRenal has received financial backing from the Grand Est Region in France and ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).


About WeHealth by Servier

WeHealth by Servier is the new e-Health department at Servier. WeHealth’s goal is to deliver an effective response to emerging healthcare market demands for e-Health or connected health, with an approach centered on the patient. WeHealth by Servier is driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship. WeHealth intends to partner with startups worldwide and to invest in their innovation.