Paris, France, December 17, 2018 – Germitec, a French company that provides leading UV-C technology used for High Level Disinfection (HLD) of ultrasound probes, announces today the appointment of David Radford as a non-executive director and board member.


Radford is a highly experienced international executive with expertise in business strategy and product and service commercialization of medical device technologies. His experience spans product development and manufacturing scale-up, product registrations at a global level, as well as attendant scale-up and the commercialization of products. These include medical devices in categories similar to Germitec’s product lines.


Germitec’s product range is designed to offer superior features to currently available HLD systems. Its Antigermix solution is ultrafast, operating at an approximately 90 second cycle time compared to a 7-minute process for other devices, and fully automated; with the significant benefit of not using toxic chemicals in the ultrasound rooms. These unique features enable enhanced patient throughput and increased service levels in clinics, increased safety for operators and patients thanks to the avoidance of aggressive chemicals and the reduction in waste associated with the disposal of chemical containers.


“I am thrilled to join Germitec. The move to automated processing in the ultrasound market is a step forward in offering improved patient safety through the disinfection of ultrasound probes. The Germitec range now significantly leapfrogs this first step and offers a quantum improvement, including decreased processing times and the removal of toxic chemicals from the workplace,” said David Radford. “These products are the future of HLD; we are seeing many major hospitals and clinics make the switch from a system that requires chemicals to the cleaner and simpler UV-C technology. I believe that the change we are seeing in the HLD market is similar to that of the mobile phone market several years ago. Comparing the semi-automated hydrogen peroxide systems with these new, state of the art UV-C systems, is like comparing the previously available flip phones with smartphones and all of the revolutionary benefits that they brought to communications.”


“Germitec is delighted to welcome David Radford to the board. He brings valuable experience to Germitec. Given his extensive experience in, and knowledge of, ultrasound markets, his joining our company signals that UV-C HLD is becoming the standard for sonographers around the world,” said Clement Deshays, CEO of Germitec. “It is a pleasure to have David on our team in these exciting times, when our sales have already grown over 60% in the first nine months of 2018. We expect to see this trend continuing, supported by the new HLD global guidelines.”


Radford has over 35 years’ managerial experience including working with GE and Brambles Australia where he was responsible for turning around business segments and building and executing a strategy for profitable growth within International business segments. Public company experience includes: CEO of Nanosonics Ltd, where he led the commercialization of the Nanosonics Trophon, a disinfection device to prevent ultrasound probe cross-infection, and CEO of Bioxyne Ltd, a biotechnology company he created and took public.


About Germitec

Created in 2005 and based in Ivry, near Paris, France, Germitec has 14 staff. It developed the first UV-based HLD platform, Antigermix, which it intends to offer for a range of medical instruments such as ultrasound probes. The company is ISO 13485 certified. Germitec is an innovative company according to French investment bank BPI criteria. A PM’UP prize winner, it was awarded the European Commission’s Certificate of Excellence as part of the Horizon 2020 projects and has received a BPI Excellence award. In 2017, the company generated sales of around €1.5 million ($1.75M).