Romainville, France, June 21, 2017 – Metabolium today announces the development of the first ever oil with a high DHA and organic selenium content. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is an omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) that is vital for brain development and function as well as for eyesight, while selenium is essential for normal endocrine and immune system function. Olïse® combines the health benefits of both DHA and organic selenium.

This innovative product is obtained using a patented process that enriches protists with selenium. Protists are the micro-algae at the start of the food chain. The technology developed by Metabolium produces food ingredients with a high DHA and organic selenium content by allowing protist fermentation to take place in the presence of appropriate forms of selenium. The process increases the yield of total fats, PUFAs and DHA, while organic selenium protects the product from oxidation.

Olïse is intended for human nutrition markets, primarily food supplements, and for animal nutrition, particularly aquaculture. Just like selenium, omega-3 fats are vital for vertebrates; they are usually found in fish, fish oil and plants.

The high demand for omega-3 for aquaculture and health supplements requires sources of supply other than traditional fisheries, whose resources are being depleted. The current surge in investment in the production of omega-3 from micro-algae will substantially increase the share of this sustainable resource in a market for omega-3 that is itself growing steadily and is worth around $3 billion (€2.7bn) (Source: GOED and IFFO).

“This innovation represents a continuation of our work in combining the benefits of molecules of interest from micro-algae with the renowned health benefits of natural organic selenium,” said Dominique Duvauchelle, principal shareholder, chairman and chief executive officer of Metabolium. “It is an important milestone for the company, as Olïse complements our existing nutritional solutions and opens up new opportunities in a highly promising market for omega-3 fats.”

To ensure the timely availability of the Olïse product to consumers, the company plans to sign licensing and partnership agreements to produce and market the product.

About Metabolium

Metabolium is specialized in the development of nutritional solutions dedicated to the prevention of metabolic disorders caused by substantial levels of exposure to chemical compounds. The company’s products are designed for the food processing, nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical industries. A first product, Algoselen®, was recently brought to market. It promotes normal endocrine and immune system function.

Metabolium has four groups of patents, many of which are delivered internationally. Since 2013, the company has enjoyed substantial development leverage as a result of industry and technology partnerships and the financial backing of France’s National Research Agency (Agence Nationale de Recherche), French public investment bank Bpifrance, the General Investment Commission (Commissariat général à l’investissement) and its own private shareholders.